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Small Business Funding is announcing the Highest CPA offer in the B2B industry. We have launched our Affiliate Marketing Programs. Those individuals or companies with websites can send traffic our way and if accepted we will pay you $30. There are only a handful of fields required and there is no intrusive information required by the business owner. These are for business owners only who are in need of capital to grow or expand their current business. These are not for start up companies or purchases of established businesses. There are just a few requirements of the applicant:

1. Must be in business for at least 3 months
2. The business must be generating at least $8000 per month in revenues
3. Applicant must have a business banking account (no personal accounts accepted).

Small Business Funding Affiliate Marketing Programs Background and Details to Help Your Earnings Grow

These types of funding are primarily for those small business owners who cannot secure traditional bank financing due to bad credit, time in business constraints, low dollar funding requirements, or a need for fast capital. These are alternative loans only provided to solve short term problems like making payroll, expansion, buying an additional location, buying inventory, buying equipment, new hires, paying taxes, or just for needed working capital. Affiliate marketing programs are successful and only we, Small Business Funding, help to guide you and maintain communication with you regarding best practices and products and services that are offered. We strive to keep open lines of communication open and constantly update our reporting process and portals. Affiliate marketing programs like these
are the first of their kind on such a large scale in the B2B space. We have come across many web site owners who have reached out to us claiming that they have many small business owners who visit their sites and they believe they can have them fill out our application for alternative financing and monetize their traffic. A simple one page application is all that is needed and the information required is far from intrusive.

Affiliate marketing programs are an important part of every business and we want you to send us traffic! Stay tuned for details or contact us now to find out more.

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