6 Ways to Leverage Halloween To Drive Sales

Halloween, in my opinion, kicks off the holiday season. You have Halloween and then three weeks later it’s Thanksgiving coupled with Black Friday, followed Small Business Saturday. Then we all know Christmas comes up quickly after that. When you think about it, Halloween is the perfect time to start driving those sales because soon the Christmas shopping will begin (unless you’re like me who already started shopping). Fun fact: Halloween is the fourth largest holiday for e-commerce. Here are some simple tips to help you kick off this spooktacular sales season.

  1. Deals and discounts

This is a super simple way to drive traffic to your store/website. Offer your clientele a spooky good deal. Start advertising that discount or bonus offer 2 weeks before the sale is scheduled to run aka today since Halloween is exactly 2 weeks away.

  1. Make sure that site of yours is mobile friendly

More people are shopping online and using their phones to do it. Think about the way you shop and search for things. I’m betting half the time you use your phone. Just make sure the checkout process works well with mobile devices so you don’t  lose customers.

  1. Email Marketing

Get a little fancy this Halloween. With a super-simple step, if you use an email management platform, you can email customers when they abandon their cart. You can offer them a sneaky discount for coming back and completing their purchase. Email marketing will be your best friend.

  1. Decorate

If you have a physical store, decorate it. Stop by the Dollar Tree and grab some decorations to make your store feel festive. When people are feeling festive and in the mood, they’re more likely to spend.

  1. Trick-or-Treat

This is the easiest way to get people into your store. Offer some candy for the kids and drop a sneaky discount for the parents. When kids are happy, parents are happy. When parents are happy, they’re more likely to spend. It’s simple math.

  1. Get social

Create some graphics that are easily shareable on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The more people share, the more potential clients you have.


Start implementing these tips ASAP and see those sales skyrocket this Halloween!