Personal and Professional Development as a Small Business Owner

Let’s think back to our thought process at the age of 8. Girls were icky, boys had cooties and you could eat endless pizza and macaroni and cheese without repercussions. Now, if those thought habits stayed with us into our adult life, we wouldn’t get very far.

The problem is, once most adults reach adulthood and go through some sort of training, whether it’s a formal education or a training for a trade, they cease to grow.

It is almost impossible to run a thriving business if your “education” stops somewhere in your early 20’s.

Personal development directly correlates to the success of your business.

Think about the ways we advertised 10 years ago. Commercials and print ads were still all the rage. Now, a majority of companies are moving into the digital age. This transition demonstrates that our old way of thinking no longer serves us.

Spending time in workshops, reading books, developing new hobbies, volunteering, etc. will all translate well into your business.

A lot of people view personal development as something that happens off the clock to help them get ahead in the world outside of the business world. The truth is that a majority of your day should be spent reading, learning and implementing.

When you know better, you do better. Who doesn’t want to do better in their life and business? I think we can all say, we all want to do better.

Don’t wait until your home lying in bed to read 10 minutes of a personal development book because we all know you’re just going to fall asleep. Don’t skip out on those networking events and workshops.

Some of our favorite places to find personal development resources

iTunes U: iTunes U is a great place to work on your personal and professional development. Universities, museums, etc. all over the world are producing free content. Take an entrepreneur course from Yale or learn how to develop an app from Apple. The possibilities are endless.

Podcasts: Podcasts are springing up in popularity. It is possible to find a podcast on any topic that interests you. We’re huge fans of Master of Scale with Reid Hoffman and All In: Elevating your Leadership Game by Alicia Dunams.

Books: Run over to Barnes and Noble or head over to Amazon and grab any of the self-help books. For entrepreneurs we recommend books like “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne.

Workshops & Seminars: Look on websites like and MeetUp for local events to help you grow as a business owner.

Remember, when you know better, you do better