Automotive Shop Financing

Your customers rarely think that you run into cash flow problems because the majority of your business is cash. Automotive shop financing from alternative lenders, like Small Business Funding, has become an extremely popular financing tool for auto shop owners. Often you have to outlay cash for parts or inventory and this affects cash flow substantially. The busier you become the more you need fast financing to provide you with working capital.

Uses Of Automotive Shop Financing In Today’s Business Environment

When you need parts that are expensive you have to prepay your supplier to receive them. Your customer does not give you a down payment. This limits your ability to generate more revenue. Fast automotive shop financing allows you to support your auto shop during both busy times and lean times. Equipment like compressors, lifts, or diagnostic machines are very expensive. They are put through a “beating” as well just from normal use and the dirty surroundings. New hires need to be trained to use new equipment or old equipment for that matter and this takes time which always means money. You have to keep ahead of your competitor as well and marketing and advertising your auto shop through radio, print, or TV is expensive. Extra capital in the form of automotive shop financing from Small Business Funding can be used for all these purposes.

Automotive Shop Financing For Those With Bad Credit

What do you do if you, as a business owner, have bad credit? A bank will not give you automotive shop financing nor will a credit union. Previous life experiences like a divorce that affected your credit should not stand in the way of you receiving automotive shop financing for your business. Business performance, seasonality, and cash flow should be the determining factor and not your FICO. Alternative lenders understand this and underwrite your file looking past low credit scores and focus on the business performance overall. So, to see how much auto shop financing you can receive for your business please click here or call us at 1-800-742-2995