Bad Credit Dental Office Financing

According to a Wells Fargo industry report, “”between 2010 and 2020, the number of Americans aged 65 and older is expected to rise 35% compared to just a ten percent increase in the overall population””. To the average Joe, this might not mean anything. But for a practicing dentist, you know that the increasing age in the 65+ age bracket means an increasing demand for dental implants.

Bad Credit Dental Office Financing

This is your opportunity to take control of your market and increase your number of patients! You may be asking yourself: “But how will I fund my business’ growth?” Understandably, traditional banks are cautious to give loans in this economy, especially if you have bad credit. This is where bad credit dental office financing from Small Business Funding comes in.

The Need For Bad Credit Dental Office Financing

Apply today and you’ll hear back within 24 hours. It’s free to apply, and with our 90% approval rate, your chances of getting approved for bad credit dental office financing are better with us than with a traditional bank. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive your funding within another 24-48 hours. There’s going to be more than a one third increase in the number of potential patients you can bring it. Now is not the time to wait on the bank, now is the time for action. Hire more employees, expand on your locations and offerings, and do whatever you need to do to grow your business and get ahead of the competition. It’ll take 5 minutes to apply for bad credit dental office financing, what do you have to lose?

Today’s Bad Credit Dental Office Financing

Bad credit dental office financing simply understands the necessity of this type of funding. Proprietary underwriting algorithms make the process seamless and extremely fast. Limited documentation and hassle free processes performed by Small Business Funding will get you the cash you need fast at the rates and terms that make sense.

To see how much bad credit dental office financing you can receive within 5 days, please apply for a small business loan today or call 1-800-742-2995.