Business Loans

Small Business Funding has the experience, the network of lenders, and the insight to find business loans for just about any business. Over 92% of the business owners that apply for business loans with Small Business Funding get approved. Most of the time we can achieve the goal of getting you exactly what you requested, if not more! The secret of our success is simple; hard work and great customer service.

The Secret Of Achieving Our Goal of Securing Business Loans

Small Business Funding receives your application and instantly begins the process of pre-qualifying the business owner by asking them additional pertinent questions that will allow us to give them real life possible loan values that they would be approved for. While we do not run your credit, we understand that each time it is run is a risk to your credit score. We will look through your entire file and determine which type of loan product would best fit your scenario. Our skill set at determining this is what sets us apart and helps fuel our success rate for approvals. This also allows us to submit your deal to the best lender and receive a lending decision back within 24 hours. No one likes to wait for a decision when it comes to money. Our relationships with our lending partners is vital to the process and speed of the process to finding business owners business loans.

Is Bad Credit A factor In Being Approved For Business Loans?

Usually the answer to this is yes. Not with Small Business Funding though. We specialize in finding business loans for those that have been turned down by their bank for bad credit scores, time in business, or if they require fast capital. While we help funding deals up to $5,000,000, most range between $10,000 and $100,000. Bad credit scores within the alternative lending space isn’t weighted heavily in the underwriting process. More attention is given to business performance and the expertise of the business owner. We all understand that people go through rough times. We should not and do not hold an unfortunate business experience against you till the end of time. If you are generating good revenue, keep good cash flows then most likely we can find business loans for you.

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