Case Study: Urban Street Window Works

Executive Summary

Urban Street Window Works came to Small Business Funding in need of working capital to refresh their branding and develop a marketing strategy.


Urban Street Window Works has been growing at an average of 50% per year for the last five years without any type of marketing budget. While Urban Street Window Works has been successful over the last five years through their five-star service, it was time to really take the brand to the next level.

How SBF Helped

We were able to secure an SBA loan for Urban Street Window Works to help them ramp up their business growth. Urban Street Window Works was able to secure an SBA Micro Loan over a 10-year term at just 7% APR. Now Urban Street Window Works can develop the branding and marketing campaigns they desire without stressing about funding.

Future Plans

Urban Street Window Works has seen an average of 50% growth every single year without a marketing budget. This year, the business intends to develop a marketing strategy and refresh their brand. The goal is to see a 100% growth rate year over year. The funding will make it possible for the business to experience rapid growth, making it a worthwhile investment.

From Our Client:

“The process to acquire a loan was WAY easier than I expected. Communication was top notch so I knew what was needed and when from start to finish. Turn-around time was exceptional. We are utilizing the funds to push the gas pedal down on growth. In our 5 years of business, we’ve grown on average 50% year over without a marketing budget. We’ve grown through our branding and excellent 5-star service! We are utilizing our funds to refresh our brand and develop marketing materials and advertising to propel our next year’s growth over 100%!” – Scott Baermann, Owner of Urban Street Window Works