Chiropractic Office Financing ; Alternative Lending Options

Hundreds of thousands of dollars…that what it can cost to set up a chiropractic office. For a doctor just out of professional school how or where can he/she secure chiropractic office financing? With heavy school loans weighing on them and ready to go out into the world to build their future they will soon see the difficulties in securing capital. They have several funding choices that range from traditional banks to alternative lenders.

Traditional banks look favorably on chiropractic office financing due to the probability that they will be successful. Unfortunately, many young professionals find out it is not so easy. Even those doctors that have been in practice for several years and have a track record of success have hurdles to get over when trying to get chiropractic office financing. Low credit or even decent credit may be a reason to decline or their income to debt ratio from all their student loans they have accumulated between college and professional school could be the cause. Maybe they fair well in that regard but need financing in 30 days to secure a location that is on the market. This is where banks and credit unions fall short….speed of funding. The biggest positive though if all other things are not an issue is the low rates and repayment time frame. They can receive financing for terms as long as 10 years therefore reducing their monthly payments and allowing for better cash flow to repay their debt.

Alternative lenders, like, look past issues such as credit, time in business, income to debt ratios, and can finance in a week. That’s correct, one week. That is assuming everything goes perfectly. But even if it doesn’t a deal will get funded in less than 2 weeks. For a start up office securing financing from an alternative lender will be difficult as they rely more on business performance more than anything else. But if you are already established and looking to expand your office, upgrade equipment, hire new staff, locate a new location there is no better choice for chiropractic office financing than an alternative lender. From a simple 1 page application, an approval in 24 hours, and funding in a week you can not beat it. Even with bad credit, tax liens, bankruptcy, poor income to debt ration you can be financed. Alternative lenders will see your performance as a business and underwrite accordingly. The cost is more than that of a bank but if you calculate the return on investment it makes sense. The cost of the money is far outweighed by the additional recurring revenue you will see.

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