Convenience Store Loans

Convenience stores and service stations provide the convenience that many people want and need. Whether you are on a long drive and need to stop for some food and drinks, or you are in a rush and need to pick up something quick, fast service stations are there to help. With Small Business Funding, they can provide convenience store loans to the small businesses that need it.

Small business Funding Provides Convenience Store Loans

Small business owners, especially ones that own gas stations, truck stops, and convenience stores, have always gone through struggles in running their companies. Service stations and convenience stores are hard to run, maintain, and provide quality service, while keeping their shelves fully stocked. They need to make sure they have the supplies their customers are looking for, and they need to have plenty of capital invested in their business. However, traditional banks are averse to financing these types of commercial properties, which is why fast service station loans are difficult to find. Banks view convenience store loans as a high-risk investment with a low rate of return. But Small Business funding is here to help.

Proprietary Underwriting For Convenience Store Loans

What Small Business Funding does is that it connects small business with alternative lenders that use other criteria for their underwriting than banks for lending money. These types of alternative lenders will look at the performance of your business, and the type of industry that the business is in. While traditional banks won’t fund small businesses that need money right away, ones younger than three years old, or ones that need less than 100,000 dollars, Small Business Funding *can* provide convenience store loans to these businesses. So if you are a proud small business owner of a service station or convenience store looking for commercial financing, look no further than Small Business Funding for your convenience store loans.

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