Smart email marketing for business

Smart Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Although social media marketing seems to be the latest trend, email marketing is still going strong. In fact, most online businesses generate more leads from their email list. Social media is so saturated that many announcements, deals, and news get lost in the shuffle, but email marketing remains the most straight forward way to directly reach a potential customer or client.

Despite Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, email still remains the top channel of communication on the internet. Almost everyone has an email account, including those people that may not be active on social media. Since mostly everyone uses email for 1 to 1 direct messaging, they continue to remain active on the service, and small businesses should not underestimate it. Social Media outlets have proven to live and die like fads, but email has survived the decade and beyond.

Does Email Marketing Still Generate Leads?

Email marketing can actually generate more leads for your business than social media can, but there are certainly tips to keep in mind when strategizing your company’s email marketing campaign.

A recent study of online marketing techniques found that email marketing generated new customers for online retailers at a rate of roughly 7%, while social media had a conversion rate for new buyers of less than 1%. That’s a huge finding and it’s a little bit surprising to everyone who’s been saying email is old news and social media is the way of the future (

Now this doesn’t mean you need to delete your Facebook and Twitter. A social media presence is definitely a necessity for a successful brand.

Although posts on social media may not translate to conversions, social media is a great way to market a brand, gain followers, build interest, and interact with customers. The conversions may not be immediate but they can happen. With that said, the verdict is clear that social media is key for long-term brand building, but email marketing is crucial for short-term conversions.

Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

An effective email marketing campaign requires a well thought out strategy depending on your target market. Here are some tips for an effective email marketing campaign.

Before you start your email push, it’s crucial to make sure you won’t wind up in people’s spam folders. Make sure your emails comply with the current spam regulations so that email services such as Gmail don’t automatically ship them to a hidden spam folder. You can test this by sending emails to friends.

Keep it brief. Enough said.

Make sure all your emails contain an easy way for the customer to subscribe to more emails. If you are offering value with your content, the right customers will want to read more. Include a subscription link in your emails, social media, and on your webpage.

Make sure to send customers content that they actually want to read. Offer them value. It often helps to give without asking. Build their loyalty with awesome content, and allow subscribers to give feedback on what type of content they like. Asking questions is a great way to do this, and will help you figure out which type of content is most popular among your customers. And always provide an unsubscribe option.