Fast Bad Credit Business Loans

Fast bad credit business loans are quickly becoming the most widely sought after type of business loans by many business owners. Reason is that banks and credit unions have tightened their minimum requirements and thresholds making it extremely difficult for businesses to get approved for financing. Small Business Funding is here to rectify that problem.

Small Business Funding is the source for Fast Bad Credit Business Loans

Small Business Funding provides an outlet for business owners with suspect credit to go to for business loans. They have developed a vast network of alternative lenders who cater to the needs of businesses seeking fast bad credit business loans. With just a few pieces of documentation including, a one page application, 3-6 months of bank statements, and if you process credit cards, 3 months of merchant statements (processing credit cards is not a requirement). Within minutes of receiving your application and documents a senior funding specialist will be assigned to your file and they will contact you to discuss. Our funding specialists will be paired up to businesses in which they have previous experience in dealing with so the process is fast and efficient. Fast bad credit business loans require an astute funding specialist to help you navigate your way through the lending process. They will help you seek out lenders and negotiate rates and terms on your behalf that best meet your needs. Approvals take only 24 hours and funding just days. It is not unheard of for a business to apply and get capital within 5 days.

What are the Uses of Fast Bad Credit Business Loans

Business owners use fast bad credit business loans for expansion, payroll, taxes, inventory, upgrades and maintenance of facilities, new hires, equipment, and working capital. They obviously have a need for the capital and hopefully they can get approved for the amount they need to either alleviate a pending issue or to expand or buy inventory that would make them much more additional revenue. Ultimately, Small Business Funding wants to get the capital they need at a cost of credit that will be exponentially less than what the additional cash can return (ROI). Fast bad credit business loans must only be taken for a specific purpose and must make sense for the business owner. To apply for fast bad credit business loans please click here or call at 1-800-742-2995