Fast Beauty Salon Financing

In need of fast beauty salon financing? There are many alternatives for established beauty salons looking for capital. Alternative lending solutions include companies like that will find you a lender and negotiate a term and daily payment amount you can live with. Ultimately fast beauty salon financing can catapult a beauty salon ahead of their competition in no time.

A fast cash infusion will allow a beauty salon to expand, rehab, hire more staff, open a new location, purchase additional inventory, etc… The list goes on. The point being that there has to be alternative lenders willing to take the risk on fast beauty salon financing. Funding has to take place within 5-7 days. The underwriting process used must look past poor or bad credit ratings of the beauty salon owner and score overall business performance higher. Meaning, if a beauty salon is showing good monthly revenue each month with relative decent profits a bad FICO score should not override a lending decision. Small alternative business lenders also take into account the type of business. Beauty salons are low ticket high volume retail establishments. This means they are not relying on just a few customers rather there are many customers so if they lose a few it shouldn’t affect their bottom line too drastically. Not that, that is a good thing but it means they are a less risky merchant to finance. A beauty salon that is extremely high end and has just a handful of select clients is a higher risk as loss of one client can have a big effect on the bottom line.

Fast beauty salon financing enables a beauty salon owner to concentrate on their day to day business activities. Maintain marketing, advertising, sales, and employees. Like any business it’s 24/7 for a beauty salon owner. Making the time to fill out multiple applications for fast beauty salon financing and talking with multiple lenders can cause a disruption to their business. solves this issue by doing all the leg work on behalf of the beauty salon owner.

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