Fast Construction Business Financing

Housing starts in the south east are on the rise. Contractors and developers are aggressively building single family homes and in need of fast construction business financing. Mostly in Boca Raton Florida which was hit hard by the recession a few years ago.

Fast construction business financing is helping the economy grow reports Bloomberg Businessweek. “Construction is finally a bright spot for small companies.” Most of the growth is seen with small business in the construction industry which is the best area for growth. The smaller construction are responsible for job growth in the south Florida region. Companies like Small Business Funding,, help these small contractors find the financing they need fast.

New hires, expansion, property purchases, etc…are all fueled by fast construction business financing. Most of these companies are newer, less than 3 years old, which makes it difficult for them to find the capital they require from a bank. The lack of business history will lead to a denial instantly. Fortunately, there are alternative lenders ready to finance construction companies. Short 1 page applications, no credit requirements (although lower credit effects the term), limited documentation will get you a decision within 24 hours and financing within 5-7 days. The process is lightening fast.

Fast construction business financing for any reason only leads to expansion and growth. Companies need capital for materials prior to starting a job. Small contractors in particular. These alternative lenders are a god send. While the fees associated with the money are higher than that of a traditional bank they are worth it. No where else can a small business secure the financing they need as quickly as financing from an alternative lender. Small Business Funding handles all the negotiating of rates and terms and shops your deal to multiple lenders. These relationships has are very important. The lenders know that when we bring a deal to them for financing we mean business and more than likely it will be a great deal for the lender and a chance to build a new client relationship for the future.

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