Fast Dental Practice Financing and Why Its Difficult

Believe it or not there are banks that will not provide fast dental practice financing for dentists trying to expand their practice. Bad credit, not enough money needed, or no collateral can turn a traditional bank off from providing fast dental practice financing. Small Business Funding has the connections to help dentists find the financing to help them buy new equipment, expand, or to use for working capital.

Fast dental practice financing has evolved into a lucrative business for alternative lenders. For the most part it is a much secure loan as a dental office on its own has a lot of value. Often a UCC is filed when providing financing and the better the business collateral the lower the risk. There are still no personal guarantees involved with this sort of alternative lending and fast dental practice financing. An application is only a single page and along with a few months of bank statements you can get an approval within 24 hours. Once approved for fast dental practice financing the only additional documentation required is a picture ID, voided check, a recent tax return, and a copy of your lease. The lender will want to talk to your landlord and you (merchant interview). You can receive fast funding in as little as 5 days.

The expensive equipment, the salaries, the general overhead costs of a dental practice are astronomical. X-ray machines etc… can run huge dollars. We don’t think about that when sitting in the waiting room do we? The waiting room itself can run ten’s of thousands of dollars. A dentist right out of school has loans galore to pay off and his/her debt to income ratio prevents them from getting approved for a loan. Small Business Funding knows this and can help secure fast dental office financing. Our experience in the industry enables us to quickly identify which lenders would most readily approve financing and we jump on it immediately to help secure your fast dental office financing. To see if you’re approved for fast dental office financing click here.