Fast Salon Financing and Marketing

With the new StarTrek movie slated to launch this summer it got me to thinking about captain Kirk’s sideburns and fast salon financing. Have you ever noticed the shape? I’ve never seen anyone wearing their sideburns in this way even after all these years. You’d think someone on the street would be “sportin” those sideburns.

The gentleman responsible for that look was Richard Mendoza, the wig master. The slant of the sideburns was created to distract from William Shatner’s toupee; and it worked. With the new Star Trek movie coming out it would be a good idea for a salon to build on the popularity and run some sort of marketing campaign to piggy bank off of the following. would be the perfect source to find fast salon financing to launch an intensive and elaborate marketing campaign for salon owners. Fast Salon financing would enable the salon owner to concentrate on their business and not worry about where or how to pay for marketing. Salon financing sources other than traditional banks provide the service of funding capital fast, with little documentation, and pay backs over a relatively short period of time. Banks cannot provide this as they take months to approve and fund a salon. This industry is fast paced and requires the “eyes” of the salon owner at all times. There is a lot of cash flying around and in cash intensive businesses you cannot have distractions. Small Business Funding takes all the time and leg work away from the owner. We go to work on their behalf to secure financing fast with terms that they can live with. No personal guarantees, little documentation, fast funding, and easy daily payments makes this a no brainer for salon’s to find fast financing for any reason.Fast Salon financing in the alternative arena will cost more for the merchant but one must look past relative interest rates and consider the cost of money, which is what type of loan this is. What will this money do for my business? That is the question to ask.

If your a salon owner needing fast salon financing check us out. Apply for a small business loan today.