Fast Trucking Company Financing

Trucking companies have product on the move all the time. Malfunctions occur daily and they often need fast trucking company financing. There is no time to wait and no time to fill out pages of applications at a bank or credit union. Trucking companies have huge exposure to loss. Breakdowns, spoiling of perishable products they are shipping, port deliveries that are late, traffic violations for weight, the list goes on. When there is a need for a capital infusion to rectify issues like this they must come fast.

Fast trucking company financing is attainable via alternative lending solutions. Banks will take way too long to get them funding. A truck on the side of a road in the midwest carrying fruit cannot sit there for too long or the trucking business owner will take the loss of the inventory. Securing capital via an alternative lender is more than likely their only recourse for fast capital. Apply and receive approval notifications in 24 hours and financing within days. Trucks cannot be out of commission for too long as a truck sitting is money lost. Traditional trucking financing works when the company has a line of credit with a bank but these days to establish that you have to be in business for more than 5 years and have great credit. These can often be hurdles for any business and not just those looking to secure fast trucking company financing.

An alternative lender underwriting a trucking company’s loan application will take into consideration time in business, credit score, and most of all business performance. As long as the trucking company shows a positive cash flow in their bank account they can receive fast trucking company financing. Even with tax liens and bankruptcy (as long as it is discharged). A trucking company owner looking for trucking financing does not have time to fill out applications all over. They can go direct to a single source that deals with all the alternative lenders in the country. is the best choice. They will take your application and minimal documents to each lender that will most likely financing your loan and help you receive your fast trucking company financing. To see how easy it is and how much financing you can receive click here.