F8 Conference

What Happened at F8 and Why It Matters For Your Business

No, we’re not talking about The Fate of the Furious movie. We’re talking about the Facebook for Developers Conference (F8)  that happened earlier this week.

This F8 Conference felt a lot like a chapter out of a sci-fi novel. Maybe 1984 Part 2? Some of the more sci-fi innovations to come out of F8 was the idea that people will be able to type with their brains and start hearing with their skin. While that may not be benefiting your business quite yet, there were some major updates coming to help your business generate more revenue by making a more memorable user experience.

Augmented Reality 

Augmented Reality (AR) was a huge component of the F8 Conference this year. If you look at Zuckerberg’s more recent acquisitions you’ll find a lot of Virtual Reality companies being scooped up. When Snapchat turned down Zuckerberg’s offer, he decided to utilize his other apps to integrate the appeal of Snapchat while adding the Zuckerberg flair to it. Facebook recently rolled out Instagram Stories and Facebook stories. Facebook stories have similar features to Snapchat in  the sense that they have unique frames and funny filters for users to enhance their photos. However, Facebook’s new AR technology will allow users to add things like a virtual chess board and to overlay information on real world objects. Zuckerberg used the example of being at the Leaning Tower of Pisa and being able to see information in real time. The new AR tech will also allow users to create their own frames without any coding work.

This could be largely beneficial for a business. In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook would rival Google in terms of search engine use.  According to Zuckerberg, Facebook searches are more personal and with the added feature of asking friends for recommendations, the search process is a lot different on Facebook than it is on Google. Now, people coming to your restaurant will be able to pull up hours, reviews, etc. just from being near your establishment. This could mean a lot more foot traffic into your business.


Messenger was another huge focus of F8. Last year, Facebook released Chatbots. Think back to your AOL Instant Messenger days when you’d ask SmarterChild about the weather. When Facebook released their first round of Chatbots, others followed suit and experienced a PR crisis instead of success.  While some businesses are already utilizing these bots to help drive traffic and answer questions, the new bots will do a lot more. Now you’ll be able to add these bots to your group chat. Imagine chatting with a co-worker and you find out you’re going on a business trip together. Now you will be able to book your flight right from Messenger. You’ll be able to make dinner reservations through Open Table, create playlists and stream music and so much more.

Facebook has been developing their audience for 12 years. As of 2015, 20% of the world’s population had an active Facebook and according to Facebook, 5 new accounts are made every second.  With almost 2 billion users, utilizing the new technology from Facebook to grow your business is the way to go. Soon driving sales will feel more effortless and organic. User experiences will be the thing that drives business in the future. Anyone can make a sandwich, but how is your business delighting the consumer differently than others? That’s going to be the new driving factor.