Hiring New Graduates – What Small Business Owners Look For

It is hard to make predictions that hold true, especially in the business world. For businesses seeking quality employees coming out of college, this has become an apparent problem. The problem is that the Grade Point Average (GPA) is just not a reliable tool to forecast one’s ability to be successful in the tumultuous world of business.

Hiring New Graduates Small Business

Hiring new graduates is difficult for both small business owners and for parents worried about their children’s employment prospects. It may come as a relief that grades are not everything.

Is A High GPA The Main Factor Small Business Owners Look At When Hiring New Graduates?

In no way does an excellent GPA hurt a college graduate’s chances to be hired, and in fact, skills in areas that you can apply outside of college prove advantageous when applying for a position in a business. Yet companies, small and large, are increasingly focusing on other attributes in their prospective employees. College students quickly learn that real world problems are not always solved by a textbook; are not always solved alone; are not always predictable or old. This is the exact reason that businesses are looking past GPA, and aiming to discover the traits of their applicants—for not one of us are exactly the same.

Small Business Owners Look For Other Attributes When Hiring

First you must have cognitive ability. For a college graduate looking for a job, this is imperative. Many companies today find that college students entering the job market may inherit a predisposition to arrogance—thinking that their education has prepared them to take on anything. The truth is that we will come upon new and often daunting obstacles in our lifetimes, and having the ability to learn quickly and make effective decisions will prove to be more valuable than attaining a high GPA. Businesses look for those who are willing to learn, are able to learn quickly, and can utilize information heterogeneous in nature.

The ability to learn quickly, this cognitive ability, is what causes people to have skill. Over time you become better at certain tasks that you must complete on the job—essentially you build experience. Yet experience is not what all companies look for. The business world evolves and the processes you are good at may become obsolete. Companies search for those who posses humility and understanding on an intellectual level. As an effective agent of a corporation, you must be able to control your ego. By all means this does not mean to suppress your large ego; rather, as an employee of a company, a graduate looking for employment, or anyone looking for employment at that matter, you should be vocal about your ideas—let your ego expand; however, if a superior idea is presented, it is valuable to a company when you give way and foster an atmosphere that spurs innovation and success. Working with others may often prove to be more beneficial than relying on your own skill. By understanding others and working with them, you can accomplish the unexpected.

Small Business Owners Want You To “Park Your Ego”

The capacity to control your ego is based on a sense of intellectual understanding. Possessing this attribute allows college graduates at the entry level to gain the support of both their peers and bosses through interpersonal connections, concessions to the wishes of others, and through teamwork. Intellectual understanding is also an awareness of your own actions and presence in certain situations. Many college graduates do not gain the jobs they aspire to reach in their careers because they fail to understand both the wishes of their co-workers and also their own footprint that they produce in their workplace. Many of them do not experience failure. That is that they fail to realize their own responsibilities, and when failure occurs it is because of some unavoidable catastrophe. The fact is that having an understanding of your own actions or lack of action and the consequences of said actions or lack thereof is a powerful tool in the business world.

The fact is that it all comes down to your sense of awareness. Your success and your ability to gain a job out of college are indicative of your level of humility, your sense of understanding both of your own presence in your company and that of your peers, and your cognitive ability. If you can grasp these concepts, if you hone in on these skills and tools, then you can be successful. Take charge and let your ego grow, yet also give way to your peers if they offer insightful ideas, take responsibility for your actions, learn quickly, enjoy the everyday experiences in your career, and you will find that you can almost certainly get a job you deem fulfilling.