Small Business Saturday

Making the Most of Small Business Saturday

We’re just 11 days away from Small Business Saturday. Don’t panic if you haven’t started marketing your business yet for Small Business Saturday. We’ve got some helpful hints to help you drive traffic into your business. You can start implementing these tactics today!

1. Tangible marketing

I know I’m always talking about the digital marketing and social media but tangible marketing hasn’t completely died, if you do it right. Print out some brand cards to attach to receipts to remind people to shop on Small Business Saturday. You know the ones I mean. Every time I go to Old Navy, they stick $20 Old Navy Cash in my bag.  Offer an incentive to come back in to your store. Hang some signs in the store. Create a DIY backdrop for photos. There’s a ton you can do that won’t break the bank and will excite your consumers.

2. Digital Marketing

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t mention digital. Create a Facebook event. Tweet it out. Instagram it. Create a fun atmosphere that will make people want to shop, and share it on social. Encourage others to share on social media.

3. Jump on the Amex Train

American Express did a lot of the heavy lifting for you. American Express wants this event to be successful so their marketing team put together some ready-to-download marketing materials for you to use. They also have an easy to use studio to create your own flyers!

4. Don’t offer Black Friday pricing

The goal of Small Business Saturday is to support small business. Cutting your prices down to Black Friday pricing works for big box retailers who get inventory at a fraction of the price. Way too often we see small businesses cut their pricing so much, they actually lose money. Don’t be one of those people. Remember, your consumers are coming in to support you.

5. Team up

Have a local restaurant you love? Invite them to bring in some snacks for your shoppers. Everyone wins!

6. Create an atmosphere you’d like to visit

Keep it light and fun. Think of what you’d want when you go shopping. Offer a discount for posting a selfie on social media in front of your DIY photo backdrop. Offer an incentive for checking in on social media. Offer an incentive for bringing in a canned good to be donated to a local food bank (remember Tuesday is known as Giving Tuesday). Bring in those other small businesses to offer a unique and fun experience for all.

With these six simple tips, you can surely maximize your profit on Small Business Saturday and create lifetime customers!