Online small business reviews

How to Deal With Online Reviews About Your Small Business

These days, a small business owner’s worst fear is turning on the computer and seeing a bad review about his or her business. With numerous review sites such as Yelp and the influence of blogging, the everyday person can voice his or her opinion for thousands or even millions to read.

Furthermore, competitors can even take advantage of foul play and pay people to write negative reviews about your business. How do you deal with online reviews about your business? There are many types of people that leave reviews or comments about businesses online and you have to know how to respond or deal with them.

The Trolls

The word “troll” is quickly becoming a very popular word on the internet. These are the guys that try to create clever, witty and demeaning comments about your business. They serve no purpose other than to annoy you or other reviewers. At the expense of your business, they want to entertain.

There’s a common phrase that entrepreneurs have been saying, “Don’t feed the trolls.” There’s no need to respond to trolls. Most of the time their points aren’t valid and responding back to them gives them the validity they are seeking. Moreover, customers that believe in your product or service will respond back to trolls for you.

Extremely Emotional Reviewers (Negative)

These are the reviewers that will type page long rants about how bad of an experience they had with your company. These are ones that you have to respond to. Unfortunately, when potential customers are looking at reviews, they seek the extremely negative ones to see what the worst experiences with your business have been like.

You must have caution when responding to these individuals. An empathetic tone of response is definitely necessary, and be prepared to potentially offer them a discount on your product or service. These reviewers typically want attention and for others to sympathize with them. It’s important that you resolve these reviewers issues as quickly as possible. You can also expect to see a review from this type of individual on every social media page your business has. Also, if treated well and responded to accordingly, these types of reviewers tend to change their tones from angry to satisfied.

Extremely Emotional Reviewers (Positive)

These reviewers are the most fun to respond to! They’re the ones that are in love with your product or service. They swear by you and your company. Always take time to thank these guys. If possible give them free products or services to further strengthen their dedication to your business. When potential customers are on the fence they can usually be convinced by the Extremely Emotional Reviewers that are positive or negative. Ask these reviewers if you can use them as testimonials on your website as well.

So So Online Reviews About Your Small Business

These reviewers are the toughest to deal with. They aren’t thrilled with your company but won’t completely dismiss it. They tend to make up the majority. What makes these reviewers tough to deal with is the fact that it’s difficult to turn them into the “Extremely Positive Reviewer”.

Rather than trying to respond to each individually, you should try to shape your overall marketing efforts to create better experiences for these customers. You should create a separate email list for “on the fence” reviewers and try to entice them with why you are better than your competitors. Discounts or free products may not completely secure these individuals as dedicated customers. However, try to show them what sets your business apart from others and why your business is the best available service.

All in all, responding to the extremely negative reviewers should be your top priority. Then make sure to thank the extremely positive reviewers. Finally, target overall marketing efforts towards those on the fence.