Plumbing Supply Business Financing

We all have heard about the newborn infant from the eastern Zhejiang province of China. He was flushed down the toilet and remained in the Chinese plumbing system for over two hours before being rescued. Stories like this highlight the importance of having quality plumbing systems in place all over the world, and show why plumbing supply business financing is such a vital and necessary service.

Quality plumbing lines make up a crucial part of the infrastructure of any building. Bathrooms are a universal human need, and superior plumbing systems are a necessary feature of any office building, home, or otherwise. Most popular restaurants like the Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, and Texas Roadhouse are judged not only by their food, but also by the quality of their bathrooms. Long story short, a business is only as good as its bathrooms, and a bathroom is only as good as its plumbing.

What Small Business Funding does is provide plumbing supply business financing to plumbing supply companies that are unable to get traditional bank loans. In these tough economic times, banks are less and less likely to give out loans to companies unless they meet certain criteria. A bank will not give out loans of less than $100,000 because they won’t make any profit off of the interest. They wont give out loans to businesses that are
younger than three years. They won’t lend out money to companies that need it quickly, like in the next ten days. Finally, they won’t give out loans to companies with bad credit scores. Small Business Funding is able to provide plumbing supply business financing because it looks at other factors, like the type of business the company is in and its performance. So in order to prevent accidents like the one in China, look to secure plumbing supply business financing from Small Business Funding.

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