Running a Thriving Business

This last month we’ve spent some time discussing things like risk analysis when it comes to financing in your business, business management tips and how to determine your working capital needs. But what do they all have in common? Understanding these principles will help your business thrive.

No matter what season of business you are in these issues will always be something to think about. How will you create a business management system that makes you feel at ease but also empowers and motivates your staff? How much working capital do you need? How do you know if this investment is a good one?

Thankfully we did the research for you so you don’t have to think about these things too much.

In terms of business management, you have to find a style that suits you and the nature of the company all while making sure your employees are happy. Unhappy employees could mean a high turnover rate. Here’s an article from Huffington Post about the different management styles and when you should employ them.

We also discussed financial risks this month. While you’re aware of the risks, we broke this concept down to make calculating financial risk easier. We looked at a few areas to make planning easier for you. You can read that here.

Once you’ve calculated the risk, it’s imperative to know the why behind the numbers. It’s easier to determine how much working capital your business needs when you’ve looked at and processed the financial risk and what those numbers mean for your business. Here’s a simple way to calculate how much working capital your unique business needs.

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