Should College Athletes Be Paid? You Tell Me

A Current College Athlete

Being a college athlete, I thought this topic of dealing with collegiate sports would be extremely interesting. After taking the class Sports Economics, it has allowed me to evaluate and think about different motives in sports that I didn’t really pay that much attention to before. I definitely think the college sports are very important to millions of people, but people need to remember it is a big business as well. I know people talk a lot about collegiate athletes being paid in the future and I really don’t know if they should or not.

Should College Athletes Be Paid

I think the idea of a full scholarship is a source of payment for the athlete because many people don’t have the money to afford expensive colleges. College sports are very taxing and it is more of a job then a hobby at this level. I don’t know if athletes should get paid per say, but I definitely think they shouldn’t be penalized if they get paid in other ways while they are in college.

Colleges make millions of dollars, every year off of student athletes, but the fact that a player can’t make extra money baffles me. An example is Terrell Pryor receiving money for his memorabilia and getting free tattoos. Ohio State, can sell his jerseys and make millions of dollars off him, but he can’t sell his own stuff to make money? If he was a regular student and made money off his stuff, then it would be totally fine. The NCAA system still doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t think it ever will. The media criticizes every aspect of Johnny Manziel’s life after he wins the Heisman trophy. He reportedly signed some things and the NCAA decides to suspend him for half a game. Suspending him for half a game solves nothing, and to me probably generated more money because people were all tuned in to his game, to see him play after halftime.

There are many examples like this, where athletes get suspended for no reason or they get away with something that they should have been suspended for. The NCAA catches who they want to catch at the end of the day. The NCAA is all about generating revenue and I have gained knowledge about how owners maximize profit through professional teams as well.

College Athletes – We Are Our Own Small Business

As a graduating senior I realize the complexities of running a small business. How to promote, market, and analyze a small business. At college I was considered a very high level athlete in a sport that generated a lot of money and notoriety to the benefit of my university. I was the product that the college peddled. While my college provided me with an outstanding education I provided them with an outstanding product….Myself.