Business Blunders

5 Small Business Blunders That You Might Not Even Know You’re Making

As a small business owner every detail makes a difference, no matter how small! Especially from a marketing standpoint – the littlest details can often create the biggest impact, either in your favor, or against it! Here is a list of 5 simple things to think about, that could very well change your entrepreneurial life as you know it!

1. Are You Putting All of Your Eggs in One Basket?

If you are only marketing, promoting or representing your business in one or two avenues, you are majorly limiting yourself! I know it can sometimes be difficult to keep current exposure efforts going across a variety of platforms, when you feel you are already spread so thin in so many other areas; as small businesses often demand. However if you can manage to ‘Get Yourself Out There’ across as many channels as you can possibly manage, while maintaining a high standard of quality – you will be much better off and see your profit margins steadily increase as long as you keep it up!

2. Are You Clearly Defining Your SPECIFIC Target Market?

Even the least savvy of small business owners has a general idea of the target market clientele they hope to reach with their product. Most competent and moderately successful business owners can identify their DIRECT target market – whom they will be directing most of their marketing funds and efforts towards; and know why they are choosing to construct their campaigns in this manner. But ALL great entrepreneurial success stories have CLEARLY identified and then defined their SPECIFIC target market customer base; and get to know that market so that they know in turn, EXACTLY how to sell them! A perfect example of a specific target market is a niche’ market company; specializing in providing products for a very specific buyer-base. These businesses have so stringently refined their vision and goal as a company so well, that reinventing themselves is never an issue, within their respective niche’ markets!

3. Are You Creating a Problem?

If you aren’t, you should think again!
If you aren’t creating a PROBLEM first, that you can then SOLVE for your clients, through your product, you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity to gain control and guide your prospective customers toward signing on the dotted line. You will pull many more people in to being with, as well as close the deal on many more sales at the other end of the process, if you first present your clientele a reason to want what you have!

4. Are Your Campaigns Cohesive?

Nothing confuses and deters potential customers more than ad campaigns that aren’t cohesive all the way though, from print ads to banner and email ads, to your landing pages, website and storefront itself (if applicable)! Did you know that an individual who clicks a link to visit your website from elsewhere on the web, takes on average only 5 seconds to decide whether they will click an action button to peruse your site further, or they will make the decision to leave your page? If a person feels that they are in the wrong place that’s what will make them decide to leave your site so quickly, and campaigns that aren’t cohesive give your consumer base that exact feeling. Don’t drive away potential customers with something so simple and easily fixed, as a campaign that is not cohesive.

5. Are You Following Up?

The biggest mistake ANY business can make – And one that is definitely FATAL to any small business in particular, is not taking the time to follow up with new and existing customers. Spending the time to follow up with existing clients is nothing short of essential – And you will never regret it! So make that phone call, send that email, mail that letter and leave that voicemail – And watch your revenue soar! You are NOT bugging your buyers, you are showing them that you care and that you are there to service them even after the sale is done. This serves to establish great trust and a remarkable reputation for your company, along with rapport with your clients; not to mention resulting in many more return visits from them and often, on the spot up-sells!