Small Business is America

Shifting Culture and Spending

Impact the lives of your local community. More and more shoppers patronize brick and mortar businesses, the local small businesses that are more affordable than established big businesses. And according to 2012 poll by Public Affairs Council,  “Small business is America!” And there are numbers to support this statement: 88 percent of American people love small businesses and 68 percent of them would rather pay more to do business with a smaller one vs big one.

Small Business is America

Small Business is America: Why Do We Love Them?

Based on tons of surveys and few more tons of studies, there are a few major reasons why small business is America and why it is so widely loved in this country.

    1. Small business is the American dream becoming a reality. Many of us believe that the best way to invest the money is to invest it into a small business. After all we are the nation living in the land of endless opportunities.
    2. American small business is a backbone of the middle class view on life. In the recent survey Americans were asked if federal government, labor unions, or big companies should get a credit for supporting the middle class over the last 50 years and 51 percent of Americans said, “No way. Small businesses were!”
    3. Owners of local small businesses are honest and ethical. According to the Public Affairs Council survey only 8 percent of Americans think that CEOs of big companies are honest and ethical but over 51 percent of surveyed chose small business owners.
    4. Owners of small businesses are passionate“You need a lot of passion for what you’re doing because it’s so hard,” Steve Jobs said. “Without passion, any rational person would give up.”
    5. Every big company was ones a small local business. Just remember the old basement days of Apple or Microsoft.