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Small Business Tech Tips

Due to a limited number of capital resources, it is extremely important for small businesses to utilize any inexpensive and readily available technology to help keep them competitive. By choosing the right technology, small businesses can increase their productivity while also cutting back on their expenses. The correct technology can be the difference between a successful business and a struggling business. Some examples of technology that can benefit small businesses include:

Time Tracking Software

A common issue associated with small businesses is that they perform tasks in an inefficient way. Over time, these less than optimal strategies can lead to a significant decrease in productivity. SpringAhead is a unique website which provides software that is extremely helpful to small businesses. It helps small business owners stay organized and allows them to put their business in the best possible position for success. Some of the content that SpringAhead provides includes time sheets, expense reports, invoices, product tracking, and foreign currency, along with many other services.

Arguably the most important aspect of SpringAhead is that it keeps track of how long each task takes. This is extremely important because small business owners can now see what methods provide the best outcomes, as well as how they can best allocate their time and resources. SpringAhead’s data centers are SAS70 Type II certified so small business owners can be confident that all of their private information is secure.

Customer Relationship Management

Dealing with clients and customers is an essential part of any small business. These interactions take place on a daily basis and are a crucial part of a company’s success. A fantastic tool for small businesses to use are the services provided by Insightly. Instightly provides a great number of resources so that small businesses can manage customer relations effectively, while also remaining inexpensive. Some of the features that Insightly includes are flexible calendars & events, an automatic address book, custom fields & filters, built-in file sharing, and Insightly notes.

Another interesting tool that Insightly provides is Product Management. Insightly can help optimize productivity by creating milestones, automatic email reminders, easy file uploads, contact roles, integrated email, and product reporting. It is important to combine both customer relations and product management because once the small business acquires a customer, it is important that they do all they can to maintain that relationship for future dealings. Insightly recognizes the important link between the two and offers plenty of tools to allow small businesses to excel in both areas.

These are just a couple of helpful small business tech tips from We welcome your input and experiences with any other tech tools that you found helpful with your small business.