Is Google Glass Right For Your Business?

Is Google Glass Right For Your Business? Small Business Technology – Despite the advertisements Google is using to promote its Google glass, which contain heartwarming images of children playing and exciting roller coaster rides, the average amusement part going consumer is not the target market for this product. The Glass is being geared toward businesses, who can definitely get more use out of the product at this point and take advantage of this small business technology.

Google glass for your business

In fact, some of the most enthusiastic responses to the Google Glass have been from businesses such as manufacturers and medical companies. This is not to say that consumers will never use glass, but it challenges business owners and employees alike to wonder if and how Google Glass fits their business model and how it can work for them.

Small Business Technology

Have you thought about incorporating Google Glass into your workplace? Many businesses have been hesitant to consider the Glass a valuable asset. There is a lot of speculation about whether the device is secure enough to be used in some professional settings. There is also the fact that Google Glass is meant to work with and complement the Android platform well, and many businesses stay away from Android for its lack of security. While more businesses are slowly converting to Android, it still is not very popular. And, of course, there is the sheer cost of the Google Glass which is quite high. Many businesses either do not have the budget or do not want to shell out that much cash for a device that has a lot to prove.

How Google Glass Can Help Your Small Business

One of the biggest motivators for people who do believe in integrating Google Glass into businesses is the mobile aspect. It enables hands free communication. You could be anywhere and have the ability to conference into a meeting with people all over the globe. There are also a number of Glass-compatible apps being developed specifically with businesses in mind. The glass also has the potential to make giving presentations easier and smoother. There has also been speculation about Google Glass’ potential to aid in keeping inventory for manufacturers and retailers.

Overall, it seems that because Google Glass is still young and relatively unexplored, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of the device for your business specifically. For now, it seems like certain fields would benefit more from using the Glass than others. And, like all the emerging technology available, only time will tell. In the meantime, though, tell us: would you consider using Google Glass for your business