Small Business Week And Alternative Financing

Small business week is upon us. It’s an exciting week for businesses of all kinds throughout the country. Finally the economy is on an upswing and things are looking better. Although its slow growth, its still growth.

This is a good time, small business week, for businesses to check out their financing options for the future. Alternative lenders, like, help businesses with financing. They cater to those businesses that are not “bankable.” Meaning they have been in business for under 3 years, have bad credit, show relatively low revenue, or just need to borrow less than $100,000. All these attributes will cause a business loan application to be denied by a bank or credit union. Alternative lenders look beyond these characteristics and are able to provide a lending decision in as little as 24 hours and funding within 7 days.

Small business week is a time when businesses can explore all types of marketing, IT, advertising, and financing options. Small Business Funding leads the way for innovation when it comes to the future. Our extensive relationships with the nation’s top alternative lenders allows us to find your small business financing fast. We know with which lenders to place your file. Each has their own proprietary underwriting with various thresholds. Some do not finance certain industries or are more apt to lend twice as much as another lender for certain industries. is able to negotiate on your behalf to secure the very best rate and term for small businesses. Business owners who need fast capital, in less than 10 days, often utilize our service. Unless they have a line of credit there is no way a bank can finance a small business in that short of a time span. We pride ourselves on working fast, professional, and honest.

So for small business week 2013 see how much your small business can be approved for for fast financing. A one page application and a few documents is all it takes. We’ll have an answer in just 24 hours. Apply now.