Social Media in Business

Social Media In Business

Social Media in Business

In our current day and age of increased connectivity, social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are becoming indispensable to certain types of businesses. While these virtual forums have been in existence for several years now, companies that existed before the social media boom are still in the process of finding their way and developing the most effective strategies for communicating with existing and prospective customers. It is obvious that businesses are taking social media seriously, as many are dedicating resources in order to create positions like “Social Media Expert” or “Engagement Manager”.

Newer small businesses and start ups have distinct advantages over older companies because the recent creation of new businesses coincides with the rise in popularity of social media. The opportunity for advertising and direct interaction with the public is too important to ignore, and new companies undoubtedly have social media forums in mind when developing a marketing strategy and distinct brand. Now, this is not to say that huge companies have become outdated and archaic; many have found their niche in social media and have harnessed the ability to successfully reach out to a massive audience. While some companies are playing catch up, others have embraced the social media craze and utilized global connectivity for the benefit of their business.

Social Media Strategies

When it comes to virtual public forums like Twitter and Instagram, there are a variety of strategies that companies have implemented to set themselves apart. Many businesses will send out Tweets or Instagrams that keep followers up to date on current company news- whether it is special discounts, sneak peeks at catalogs, or behind the scenes media. However, some businesses go above and beyond the basic, dry exchange of information, alternatively doing things like interacting with customers or providing entertainment for those willing to take a peek. Here are a few companies that have unique aspects of their social media strategy:

@DisneyMemories– Disney has a twitter handle that keeps followers informed about park news, but also plays on the nostalgic heartstrings of it’s audience by tweeting movie quotes and images. I know that nothing brightens up my day like a Robin Hood quote or Youtube clip.
@Nike– While many businesses use twitter as an advertisement forum to keep followers up to date on new products, Nike actually uses twitter to dish out short motivational quips throughout the day. Rather than cluttering feeds with the newest shoe, Nike pushes their general brand forward with this unique approach. It seems that Nike has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to running a business, so it is no surprise that the company thrives in the new social media sphere.
@Skittles– The candy company utilizes the oddest strategy of all, not advertising their product at all, but rather entertaining followers with quirky and creative one liners. Rather than try to explain it, here’s an example: “@Skittles: Skittles are like if you had a mountain bike but the wheels were rockets and the mountains were asteroids worth 50 points each. #booyah”. Amazingly, this is one of the tamer ones- while some tweets leave you scratching your head, more often than not they are worth a hearty chuckle if not for anything but pure randomness.

Social media in business has become (whether we like it or not) an integral piece of our daily lives. More and more businesses, large and small alike, are recognizing the opportunities associated with social media as an advertising and communicative forum. In an increasingly digital world, the adage “Adapt or Perish” seems to be making the speedy transition to #TweetOrPerish.