Taking on Entrepreneurship After Graduation

Congratulations to all the recent college graduates. I get how you feel. It wasn’t that long ago I was at graduation from my first undergraduate program.

Since I know how you feel, I know about the pressure that is hitting you right about now. After the stress of your final finals and you’ve experienced the pure bliss of graduation, the stress and pressure kick in.

It’s time to find a corporate job, right? Most of us were conditioned to go to college and then work in a 9-5.

However, your 20’s are the best time to start your entrepreneurship journey. According to Forbes, being in your 20’s is advantageous when it comes to being your own boss. Chances are you don’t have children yet and aren’t ready to settle down with a mortgage. Your ability to take risks is higher than it will be in 10 years.

The economy is also turning toward a gig / freelance economy. It is easier for corporations to hire a freelance social media marketer than it is to have a social media specialist on staff. Places like Google, Pzifer and Virgin America are attempting to change their structure to secure talent in a way that benefits everyone.

As you make your way into the workforce, consider specializing in an area that is in high-demand. According to Jody Greenstone Miller, CEO and co-founder of Business Talent Group, the freelance economy is incredibly beneficial for companies due to hard-to-hire-for skills. If you spent some of your time in college focusing on AI, big tech companies like Google and Amazon are coming for you. However, the smaller firms could also use your expertise as well.

According to Miller, those who have the capability of working with a tech giant, could benefit from the freelance economy. A smaller firm may not have the means or need  to hire you full-time, but there are hundreds of companies who could use your skillset part-time. The advantage is that you can flex your tech muscles while also working on your terms. It’s a win-win for both parties.

As more companies cut costs, the doors are opening for freelancers. Not everyone has to be a tech mastermind to succeed. Take a look at where companies are cutting costs and consider where your skillset fits in. While thinking about your future and where it’s headed, we encourage you to try your hand at being an entrepreneur.