Low cost tech for small business

Low Cost Technology For Small Business

Technology For Small Business

Often times, small businesses find it difficult to keep up the many technological advances as they become available. However, innovations in technology for small business are useful by providing helpful services without costing a fortune.

Utilization of this technology for small business can be what takes the company to the next level. Small businesses cannot afford to pass up on inexpensive opportunities that can help maximize their business. The two innovations below are available for small businesses to use in order to achieve the most bang for their buck.


PipelineDeals is the simplest way to organize your team and grow your business pipeline. Regarless of your industry, PipelineDeals offers a streamlined set-up process that you can literally complete in just minutes.

Every account starts with a free trial of their full-featured Accelerator plan. After the trial ends, you can choose a plan that best fits your needs. Start growing, close more deals, and Increase your revenue today. Learn more


A great option for small businesses to utilize is the software created by Wave Accounting (waveapps.com). Wave is a rapidly growing corporation and has been featured by a number of respectful institutions such as The New York Times and Forbes. Wave provides a number of useful options for small businesses that are completely free. These free services include both invoices and accounting software.

Free software options are extremely beneficial to small business owners who are not experts in these aspects of their business. Wave also provides help with a company’s payroll. While this particular feature is not free, it is offered for an extremely manageable price. The cost is a $5 base fee, and an additional $4 per employee for up to 10 employees. If the small business has more than 10 employees, each additional employee costs only $1.


Another inexpensive option available for small businesses is Intercom (intercom.io). Intercom is a simple solution that allows companies to interact with their customers in an easy and efficient way. Intercom’s main purpose is to help businesses send real-time, personalized messages to individuals who are using their products. Intercom allows businesses to keep an up-to-date database of their customers and their behaviors in relation to the products.

In the past, small businesses found it extremely difficult to obtain feedback from their customers. Most of the ways small businesses achieved this were both inefficient and expensive. Intercom is a less expensive and highly efficient alternative for small businesses looking to maximize their resources. Intercom offers a free 30-day trial for small businesses to decide if the investment is worth it. After the 30-days are up, Intercom has 3 different inexpensive plans ranging from the Lite Package of $49 a month, to the Premium Package of $399 a month.