Small Business Travel Tips

Travel Tips For Small Business Owners

Travel Tips For Small Business Owners

Most small business owners know that it is not really an option to close the office when traveling on business. People have found various tools and approaches to remain productive and relaxed when away from the home business base. The following Travel Tips for Small Business Owners can help any business owner to be more efficient when on the road.

1) Limit e-mail usage

First off, set an out-of-office message for an extra day before and after your trip. This can provide you a buffer so you are more likely to be thoughtfully responsive rather than instinctively reactive. Furthermore, turn off push notifications, and decide specific times for checking email (for example, during your break at a conference). Finally, create a plan for how you will catch up on email when you return. This can help ease the compulsion to stay on top of every message while you are on the road.

2) Pack smart

Over-packing can definitely slow a person down, but so does forgetting essential items and having to spend time doing last minute shopping. There is an app designed to help with packing, known as Packing Pro that can create and store your own customized packing lists. Moreover, efficiency does not just come down to what you pack; it is also how you carry it all. EYN Smartphone case is a favorite travel tool among small business owners. It holds a phone, driver’s license, credit cards, and more handy.

3) Energize your devices

We constantly use high-tech devices that enable us to complete our work and stay connected anywhere can be but we can only do this when these devices are all charged up. For those times when you can’t get to an outlet, a backup power source is a lifesaver. USB battery packs can keep your phone or computer powered when outlets are not available.

4) Rejuvenate yourself

When traveling, trouble sleeping can be extremely common being out of both your normal routine and your own bed. Noise-muffling headphones or earplugs can make it easier to sleep, especially when combined with an app that plays white noise that soothes you (i.e. crickets or ocean waves). Moreover, the most convenient foods when you travel are sugary and fatty foods. These are not the best fuel for completing work tasks. Using an app like Yelp can be very useful to find healthier food options near you.

5) Be tech-smart

Although, our various technological devices can impede on job productivity and cause numerous distractions, there are various advantages to these devices that business owners can use to be more efficient. The TripIt app can forward email confirmations from airlines, hotels, and rental care companies to TripIt which will organize all the information into one easily view-able window.

The five Travel Tips for Small Business Owners listed above will help you to effectively run your business on the road while also keeping you at your peak productivity level.