Trucking Fleet Financing

Purchasing additional trucks, repairs and maintenance, hiring new operators, buying new equipment – these are all reasons for trucking fleet financing. As a small business owner in the trucking industry you are constantly under financial stress and exposure. Your equipment undergoes many hours of constant use and punishment just from normal day to day use. Small Business Funding is your source for fast trucking fleet financing.

Why Small business Funding For Your Trucking Fleet Financing

Small Business Funding specializes in providing insight and guidance for small businesses to locate and receive fast capital, especially for trucking fleet financing. We have extensive and close relationships with the nation’s top alternative lenders which enables us to receive the best terms and rates for all types of loans and financing. Trucking fleet business owners need a partner like us to navigate the cumbersome environment of securing capital for businesses that are new, need capital under $500,000, require financing in less than 7 days, or have poor credit. All of these reasons are why a traditional bank would decline a business owner for trucking fleet financing. Small Business Funding knows how to find the capital regardless of the business owner’s credit or time in business.

Types of Trucking Fleet Financing

Trucking fleet financing can come in several types. Unsecured business loan providers will loan you capital against future projected revenues (based on past performance) and require repayment based on a daily fixed amount. These type of loans are the most expensive and shortest terms as they are the most risky. Secured business loan providers or asset based lenders will lend against your equipment and or your trucks. The rates are lower than unsecured and the term is a lot longer. Factor type lenders will provide capital based on your accounts receivables. The rates are a bit higher than secured loans but the term length is shorter. Factors base the lending decision on your customer’s credit worthiness rather than yours as they are relying on getting paid by them, not you.

With these details in mind it makes sense to visit and fill out an application for trucking fleet financing to see how much you qualify for. Remember, approvals take only 24 hours and funding in just 5-7 days. You can also call direct at 1-800-742-2995