Are you using LinkedIn for Lead Generation?

Much like Facebook, LinkedIn has added a Lead Generation Form as an option for their advertising. LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. You won’t find pictures of someone’s dinner or their latest rant, instead you’ll get professional opinions, advice and commentary. More importantly, you’ll get people who are likely interested in your business.

While most people are not on LinkedIn with the intention to buy, they are on there to connect and learn. Remember when we talked about how important personal development is? Well, this is where that concept comes into play. People come for valuable information.

If you’re producing stellar content, your ideal client will find it, consume it and act on it.

While it’s great that your ideal client is working on their personal development, before the new changes, you were missing lead opportunities.

LinkedIn, however, took the lead generation form and made it easier to use than most. Instead of asking potential leads to fill out a form themselves, LinkedIn uses the information from the user’s account to fill out the form automatically for them. This solves quite a few problems.

One, the automation cuts down on bad information. It is incredibly easy for someone to enter a fake email or phone number into forms which only wastes the time of you and your sales team. No one wants to waste time.

Two, this experience is easier for users. Most people are using social media, even LinkedIn, on their cell phones. It’s the way of the world. You know how difficult it is to fill out a form on your phone. No one wants to do that. LinkedIn eliminates that issue for the users by filling everything out for them. The ease of the form will make generating leads easier as the user has very little to physically do.  The less things we make a potential lead do, the more leads we can generate.

If your ideal client is someone in the professional realm, LinkedIn could be the best weapon in your marketing arsenal.