Support Veteran Business Owners

Veteran business owners and entrepreneurs make extremely important contributions to business creation and growth in our economy. Their skill set and leadership abilities are directly relevant to business ownership. Our country provides programs designed to help support aspiring veteran entrepreneurs and business owners.

Veteran Owned Business

The Growth Of Veteran Owned Business

Veteran business owner demographics are changing rapidly. Over the last several years there has been a dramatic increase in young (under 35) veteran business owners, especially women. Just under 10% of business owners are veterans. The one downward movement was with minority veteran business owners which have decreased except for the Hispanic veteran business population which doubled from three years ago. Most veteran business owners are more likely to be in the goods producing sector compared to their non-veteran counterparts. Veteran business owners (over 10%) were more likely to own 2 or more businesses compared to non-veterans (@8%).

Support Veteran Business Owners

Small Business Funding salutes our brave veterans and thanks them for their dedication and service during this Memorial Day holiday weekend. They have provided the umbrella of security throughout our country’s existence that enables all Americans to live free under the cloak of freedom. Support our military, not just this weekend but every day, and give thanks to those that have given their life for our freedom and way of life.