Why Small Business Funding

Small Business Funding (“SBF”) is a professional, reliable, fast and transparent business funding consultation group connecting small business owners with alternative funding solutions. Why Small Business Funding? Our diverse network gives you access to fast working capital to meet your business needs. In addition, we work with you to determine your business needs and connect you with experienced alternative business lenders with whom we have long standing relationships. While other brokers may be calling you for business and may be trying to work with some of the same lenders, SBF’s superior platform, track record, deep understanding of financing alternatives, insight, and overall comprehension of the industry allows us to command achieve much better final results for our clients.

Why Small Business Funding For Your Capital Needs

We are the single point of contact with one application with access to multiple loan offers. The application takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Once qualified, you will have an approval within 24 hours and receive funding in 1-7 days. Our network of partners provides access to funding from $2,500 up to $500,000. In addition, our applicant assessment algorithm enables us to act fast. By quickly analyzing data, it automatically directs our underwriters to submit your file to the best lenders to compete for your funding request.

We Search – They Compete – You Decide

Why Small Business Funding? Through years of partnership gathering and relationship building, we have put together a seamless program to suit almost every kind of business and to help solve each of their unique financial challenges.

What makes us the clear choice:

  • Large and extensive network of alternative lender partnerships
  • Easy one page application
  • Fast response times: Most approvals within 24 hours
  • Experienced and professional funding specialists and underwriters
  • We negotiate competitive rates for our customers
  • Deep understanding of alternative small business funding products
  • Specialize in finding lenders supporting bad credit small business financing

Who Should Use This Service?

Merchants and Business Owners who:

  • Have been turned down by their bank
  • Have bad credit, low credit, or poor credit
  • Have a need for funding within 7 days
  • Understand the cost of credit
  • Can handle daily payments
  • Are comfortable with funding terms of 2 months to 18 months
  • Will use the funds for a specific business purpose that will give them an ROI greater than the cost of the loan or will alleviate an immediate financial challenge.

Why Small Business Funding?

This type of financing carries a higher cost compared to traditional bank loans. The higher cost is due to the much higher risk associated with the funding, the speed at which the money becomes available to the you, and the fact that there are no collateral or no personal guarantees requirements. While there is a higher cost, it can be a very viable option for your small business.

Small Business Funding will qualify you via telephone or email (phone is preferred) so you understand exactly what is entailed. The purpose of this funding is to alleviate an immediate problem (ex. taxes or payroll) or to provide a higher ROI (ex. A good buy on inventory or expansion). Whether you receive merchant cash advance, unsecured business loan, Factoring, or an asset based loan, the result should have you and your growing business in a more favorable position than you were prior to receiving the capital. Small Business Funding will find you a lender fast. Why Small Business Funding? Just see above.