Fast Medical Office Financing

As a small business owner, looking for fast medical office financing, I consider myself to be self-reliant. I understand the necessity to communicate with my peers, customers, and employees but for the most part I believe that I can get on by myself. This is not a healthy attitude to have. Small business owners need to reach out and talk to people to keep up with what is current in society and in their industry.

Fast Medical Office Financing

For instance, I did not realize that there are alternative lending solutions out there besides traditional banks that can provide fast medical office financing. A friend, also in my business, came across a company, which was able to find him financing in an extremely short time frame without the hassles that banks put you through.

Fast Medical Office Financing Is Available

He is a physician as well. He has a very successful office outside the city and saw that a large number of his patients were from the inner city limits. He decided to open an additional practice in the city and obviously required some fast medical office financing. He was looking for fast medical office financing. He wanted to take over a current medical office and move right in. There was a time constraint however revolving around a lease. Needless to say, his bank could not accommodate him in the time frame he needed….3 weeks. Also, they wanted mounds of documentation from him that would take him weeks to compile. He had a 14 year relationship with them which is now terminated.

When the Doctor Needs Cash

Anyway, he found this small business funding source that searched and matched him up with an alternative lender to finance his medical office. Medical office financing took less than 6 days from application to funding. He received the $125,000 he needed for his medical office to fit out the space and was opened for business within 5 weeks’ time. The process was pain free, convenient, and extremely fast!

How To Get the Satisfaction You Need

I’m certain that any medical professional needing small business funding would be more than satisfied using the services of an alternative business
lender like for medical office funding. To see how much capital your company can receive, apply for a small business loan today and get your funding within 7 days.